Early Modern Theater Practices and the Digital Archive  


Eds. Sylvaine Guyot & Jeffrey S. Ravel


Introduction: Sylvaine Guyot & Jeffrey S. Ravel


I.  Interpreting Data, Visualizations, and Sound

  • Jeffrey S. Ravel, “The Comédie-Française by the Numbers, 1752-2018.”

  • Jeffrey Peters, “Looking at the Literary: Data-Driven Visualizations and the Comédie-Française Registers Project”

  • Juliette Cherbuliez, “The Sound of Theater: Crowds, Acoustics, Oration.”

    • Comment:  Daniel Edelstein


II.  Eighteenth-Century Theater Pricing and Repertory

  • François Velde, “An Analysis of Revenues at the Comédie-Française, 1680-1789.”

  • William Weber, "Common Crisis from the 1770s?  Repertoires at the Opéra and the Comédie-Française.”

    • Comment:  Anne E. C. McCants

    • Comment: Derek Miller


III.  Circa 1760

  • Thomas Luckett, “Financial Difficulties and Business Strategies at the Comédie-Française During the Seven Years War.”

  • Pierre Frantz, “Le Moment Voltaire.”

  • Lauren Clay, “The Strange Career of Voltaire, Bestselling Playwright of Eighteenth-Century France.”

    • Comment: Logan Connors, “Celebrating Voltaire in the 1760s.”



  • Christian Biet

  • Sara Harvey

  • Agathe Sanjuan